Hiring a Lawyer to Win Your Car Accident Insurance Claim

When hiring a lawyer, many clients think their attorney will handle everything and win the case without them getting involved in the process. This is partially correct, but you could also help your lawyer a great deal by providing him useful and detailed information about the case. When it comes to car accidents, whether you are a pedestrian struck by another vehicle, a motorcycle who was run off the road by a negligent driver or you were driving when the crash occurred; you have a right to quality legal representation and compensation for your injuries and physical and emotional suffering. Philadelphia auto accident attorneys will give their best to represent you properly, do legal research such as analyze police accident reports, examine evidence, body damage, vehicle position, witness statements and so on.

However, this doesn’t mean that will be enough to win the case. As your lawyer comes to your aid, you must aid him as well. To help your lawyer, you should listen to him, be honest and gather as many information as you can. Never forget that the case is only as strong as the documentation contained in your attorney’s file, so make sure your lawyer gets all required information to obtain maximum compensation for you. Clients usually think they can’t help their attorney to achieve the best settlement on the case. However, they can and they should. You and your attorney are a team.  You should work on the case together as one.

Start Gathering Useful Information at the Scene of the Accident

At the scene, you will have to exchange basic information with the other driver, starting from your name and driver’s license number to the vehicle identification number of your car, the name, and address of your insurance company and insurance policy number. Don’t forget to share these details with your lawyer. Besides basic information, your attorney needs a written description of the date, time and location of the accident. He needs to know how the incident occurred and he must have contact information for all witnesses. Give your lawyer information about the year, make, model, license plate number, and registered owner’s name for the car you were driving. The same information is required for the vehicle of the other driver. Your attorney needs to know the exact location of damage on both vehicles, if your car is repairable or if it’s totaled. When it comes to auto insurance, your attorney needs a copy of the declarations page. This is important because this page states your policy limits.

Take photos of everything – the scene of the accident, your injuries and vehicle damage. This is especially important if liability is being disputed. Give your lawyer a list of every injury you sustained in the accident as well as telephone numbers of your medical providers that are connected to the crash. Information about medical bills, prescription receipts, dates, and types of treatments like physical therapy, X- rays, ER treatment and similar are also required. If you had prior injury claims, your attorney must be notified about it, as well as about subsequent injuries. The other side will run a criminal background check on all injury claimants, so if you have ever had a felony conviction, you must notify your lawyer about it.

You will have to hire a lawyer if you want the insurance company to compensate for your damage, pain, and suffering. This also includes how the injuries have affected your life, lifestyle and daily activities. If there were certain activities you couldn’t do for a period (or if they were painful to perform) you must inform your attorney about it. Every little information, even if it seems unimportant to you, can help your legal representative a great deal and ensure you win the case and get the compensation you deserve.

How Your Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

As we said, your attorney is your advocate, he is here to assist you, but he is not a mind reader. What documents you give him and what you tell him can significantly affect his work and the outcome of the case. When you are going to a meeting with your lawyer, make sure you come prepared. Bring all the documentation you can and tell your lawyer everything that you think may be relevant to the case. Everything you collected will drastically cut down time on gathering tons of papers and statements, and your attorney will be able to focus on more important things about your case. Never forget that when you are providing information to your attorney early on in your case, and updating him with new information, you are helping to achieve the best possible settlement on your car accident case. Make it easier for the lawyer to his job if you can, because by helping your attorney you are helping yourself!